Let us press on to know the LORD...Hosea  6:3a


Welcome to barricae's website

Welcome to barricae's website. May the LORD meet you and encourage you here.

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January 18, 2017

Better than Chanel No.5 perfume

One of my favorite parts of Shabbat is the Havdalah service. Havdalah is the closing service, and it ends the twenty-four hour period of Shabbat. The service is short, and its purpose serves to distinguish between the Sabbath and the re...

January 6, 2017

And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire engulfing itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of its midst as the color of amber, out of the midst of the fire .
Ezekiel 1:4
     There are times in our liv...

January 4, 2017


There was a television show that gained popularity here in the United States. Candidates agreed to all kinds of surgery to enhance their looks. From head to toe, surgeons put the candidates through 'extreme makeovers' and the end results were striking...

January 3, 2017


The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree,

He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

Psalm 92:12


     In 2013, I had the humble blessing to go to Lebanon and serve her people. Se...

December 31, 2016


"And they (Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu and the 70 elders of Israel) saw the

God of Israel; and under His feet there appeared to be a pavement of sapphire,

as clear as the sky itself." Exodus 24:10

Purity is a word rarely mentioned in secular circles today. Th...

December 31, 2016


Mention the word kiss and folks' ears tend to perk up.  And if you mention kissing in the Bible, that really gets folks' attention.  Kissing really is an ancient family greeting - most of the patriarchs expressed their devotions through kissing.


December 31, 2016


How she loved to be in His presence.  Talking to the Father about her Beloved, she poured out her heart to Him. She wished she could piece the puzzle together of His mysterious wonderful words, yet the Father gave her shalom, peace. Yes, peace was what sh...

December 31, 2016


My name is Ananias of Damascus and I want to tell you my story. I live a quiet life. I am a follower of Yeshua Ben Elohim, Jesus Son of God.

My city, Damascus, is known as the Pearl of the East, as it is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Wes...

December 31, 2016


Have you ever sat and watched children play? Eventually, children take ownership over the strangest things - a place on a chair; a particular cookie where there are many identical cookies on the plate, perhaps a certain toy. Then one pulls the item...

December 31, 2016


Jack Kevorkian is one of the most perplexing individuals on the face of this earth.  By assisting the death of a suffering patient, he negates the Hippocratic oath that he swore to, many years ago.  He also puts himself in the place of God. Only God has the...

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August 21, 2019

August 21, 2019

August 7, 2019

July 12, 2019

June 24, 2019

June 15, 2019

July 26, 2018

June 17, 2018

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BBarri Cae Seif (formerly Mallin)  is an instructor, author, and theologian. Her experience has led her through opportunities in corporate sales, Sunday school education, travel, Bible college instruction, authoring, conference speaking and twice annual trips to Israel as President of a humanitarian organization. 

In addition, Barri maintains her status as online faculty at several universities, teaching the Graduate level Business classes and undergraduate Bible and Business classes. She also serves as a content chair for several doctoral students. She also is President of Maasay Yahdav, a charity that brings humanitarian aid to Israel twice yearly.

Barri holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. Her focus was the Exegetical study of Romans 10:4. She earned an MBA from Amberton University with concentration in General Management. She earned a BA in Psychology at Stephens College.

Her published works include three devotionals, 
Intimate Moments with the Hebrew Names of God, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 1999.
The Name – HaShem Daily Devotional Worship, CreateSpace Publishers, 2010.
There’s Just Something about That Name, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 2011.

Her response to the love of Jesus is what guides her. She currently resides in Ovilla, Texas, with her husband, Dr. Jeffrey L Seif.

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