41 Things about the Midbar (Wilderness)

  1. Feasts can be celebrated in the wilderness. Ex 5:1 2. God can be served in the wilderness Ex.7:16 3. We can offer (spiritual) sacrifices to God the wilderness Ex 8:27 4. There is questioning about eternal life in the wilderness Ex 15:22 5. There is grumbling in the wilderness 6. God feeds us in the wilderness. 7. Our dwellings are temporary in the wilderness 8. There is worship in the wilderness 9 There are numberings (to make us feel strong) in the wilderness (Num 1:10) 10. Offering strange (fire or) sacrifices can lead to death in the wilderness 11. Passover is celebrated in the wilderness 12. The cloud leads in the wilderness (Num 11:12) 13. God settles us in the wilderness 14. God delivers us from the wilderness 15. God's laws are still in operation in the wilderness Num 15:33 16. There are healings in the wilderness Num 21:9 17. Our eyes are to be set on the wilderness 18. The unfaithful die in the wilderness Num 26:65 19. God carries us in the wilderness Deut 1:31 20. God knows of our wilderness wanderings 21. God knows of our wilderness walkings, shoes don't wear out. 22. God provides for all our needs in the wilderness Deut 8:4 23. God will bring us out of the wilderness 24. God sees our disobedience in the wilderness 25. We are tormented like David by our enemies in the wilderness. 26. God protects us, as He did for David, in the wilderness. 27. Wildernesses can be beautiful places, as Engedi is, where David also hid 28. God's voice shakes the wilderness Ps 29:8 29. David wrote Ps 63 while in the wilderness O God, Thou art my God; I shall seek Thee earnestly; My soul thirsts for Thee, my flesh yearns for Thee In a dry and weary land where there is no water.. 30. God shepherds in the wilderness Ps 78:52 31. God changes the wilderness into a pool of water 32. Salvation of the LORD is seen in the wilderness 2 Chron 20:16 33. John announced Yeshua Jesus in the wilderness Matt 3 34. Yeshua Jesus was baptized in the wilderness 35. Jesus often slipped away to the wilderness to pray 36. Miracles occur in the wilderness, even the feeding of 4000 men Mark 8:4 on 37. God puts up with us in the wilderness Acts 13:18 38. There are perils in the wilderness 2 Corin 11:26 39. There is nourishment in the wilderness Rev 12:6 40. The way up is through the wilderness 2 Kings 3:8 41. God speaks in the midst of the wilderness. The word Wilderness in Hebrew is Midbar. The root of that word is davar, or speak. Throughout the wilderness wanderings, God DVAR in the MIDBAR. "Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted on the earth." The LORD of hosts (Adonai Tsavaot) is with us, The God of Jacob is our stronghold. Ps 46:10-11

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BBarri Cae Seif (formerly Mallin)  is an instructor, author, and theologian. Her experience has led her through opportunities in corporate sales, Sunday school education, travel, Bible college instruction, authoring, conference speaking and twice annual trips to Israel as President of a humanitarian organization. 

In addition, Barri maintains her status as online faculty at several universities, teaching the Graduate level Business classes and undergraduate Bible and Business classes. She also serves as a content chair for several doctoral students. She also is President of Maasay Yahdav, a charity that brings humanitarian aid to Israel twice yearly.

Barri holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. Her focus was the Exegetical study of Romans 10:4. She earned an MBA from Amberton University with concentration in General Management. She earned a BA in Psychology at Stephens College.

Her published works include three devotionals, 
Intimate Moments with the Hebrew Names of God, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 1999.
The Name – HaShem Daily Devotional Worship, CreateSpace Publishers, 2010.
There’s Just Something about That Name, Bridge-Logos Publishers, 2011.

Her response to the love of Jesus is what guides her. She currently resides in Ovilla, Texas, with her husband, Dr. Jeffrey L Seif.

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