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A RADICAL HINENI My name is Ananias of Damascus and I want to tell you my story. I live a quiet life. I am a follower of Yeshua Ben Elohim, Jesus Son of God. My city, Damascus, is known as the Pearl of the East, as it is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Western Asia. Our rivers are mentioned in the Holy Scriptures (2Kings 5:12). Damascus was the former capital of Syria. When I came to faith in the Risen Messiah, I studied much. I read of the great men of the faith. Abraham answered Hineni (Hee-nay-nee) when God called him to take his only son Isaac to Moriah and offer him as a burnt offering (Genesis 22:1-11). Hineni is Hebrew and it means Here am I. Jacob answered Hineni twice to God, once when God told him to leave secretly for Canaan (Gen.31:11) and also when God told him to move to Egypt (Gen.46:2) Moses answered Hineni when God called to him from the midst of a bush (Ex.3:4) Samuel answered Hineni as God called to him (I Samuel 3:4-10) Isaiah answered Hineni when the Lord asked who He could send as a prophet to Israel (Isa.6:8) And I Ananias answered Hineni. (Acts 9:10) I was sitting at my desk, studying, when the Lord spoke my name in a vision. Hiney, Hineni Adonai Behold, Here am I LORD. (Acts 9:10) The Lord told me to arise and go to Judas' house on Straight street, to see Saul of Tarsus. Imagine God telling you to go see your Public Enemy number One. Some say I argued with the Lord. I never argued but I sure presented my case! Didn't the Lord know the latest on Saul? He was a murderer, he would ravage the houses of worship, pull out men and women and throw them into prison. (Acts 8:3) Yet, who can argue with the Lord? The Lord also gave Saul a vision, and He called Saul a chosen instrument of His. As I walked to Judas' house, I was glad that I knew that life everlasting awaited me. I thought this was to be my last day on earth. I entered Judas' home. There was Saul, and he was a pitiful sight. I laid my hands on him. Brother Saul, the Lord Yeshua Jesus who appeared to you has sent me to you, that you may regain your sight. And be filled with the Holy Spirit. Immediately Saul regained his sight. And the filling of the Spirit was a gift from the Lord. He arose and hugged me. His healing was a triumph of faith, both his and mine! For the next days, we broke bread, fellowshipped, and studied with all of the believers in Damascus. There were wonderful days. Saul the Pharisee became Saul the believer in Yeshua Jesus. He saw the liberty of the walk in Messiah. Before long, Saul was in every synagogue in Damascus, proclaiming Yeshua Ha Ben Elohim, Jesus the Son of God. Saul increased in strength, he confounded all the Jews, so much so, that the Jews plotted to kill him. But one night, us believers let Saul down through an opening in the wall, and we lowered him in a large basket, and God led him to Jerusalem. (Acts 9) Sometimes God's call is radical. Yet nothing is radical or impossible for God (Luke 1:37). What is it that God is calling you to answer Hineni?

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