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What shall we now do? We were there standing in the shadows during the death of Yeshua.

We saw His suffering

We saw His agony

We saw His compassion to the others on their crucifixion stakes

We saw the gambling

We saw the darkness

We stood by, doing nothing

We heard strange sounds

We saw His blood.

We heard His cries

We heard His forsaken cry

We heard the final gasp for breath







How could this be?

We saw His lifeless body taken from the stake

We saw His body prepared for burial.

Now it is Shabbat.

I am to rest.

How can I rest?

I can’t believe this happened.

How did it happen?

I feel helpless

I feel despair

I feel disbelief

I feel abandoned

I feel disappointed

I feel tossed away

I feel empty

I have no direction

I have no idea what happened

I have no idea what to do

This is Shabbat yet my soul is not at rest!

I am angry

I am befuddled

I am confused

I am in despair

I am directionless

I am empty

I am forsaken

I am gloomy

I have grief

I hate this!

I am heavy-hearted

I am ill

I am joyless

I am lethargic

I am lifeless

I am melancholy

I can’t move

I am morose

I have no feelings

I am out of sorts

I am pressed

I cannot get quiet

I cannot find rest

I sorrow

I am torn up

I am tortured

I am upset

I have no victory

I am woeful

I am exasperated

I yearn

I have no zeal

It is Shabbat but I have no rest. What were the last three years all about, God? How we heard His words. How He spoke to our hearts…now this?

Oh God, help me in my unbelief!


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